Where has this week gone?

Here’s a quick recap since my last post.

I met my dad for lunch on Wednesday. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with him, but when we start sharing ideas about teaching class on Sunday (he also teaches an adult class) the time really flies. This week we talked about the Passover and how Christ is symbolized in every aspect of the celebration. I’m really looking forward to teaching on it this Sunday.

Zach and Sarah came home Thursday! That’s always a delight to this mother’s (and future mother-in-law’s) heart. We headed over for a game of frisbee golf for the first time since last Fall. Actually, they played… I walked. The most exciting moment came when Zach threw my tie-dyed frisbee in the cedar tree. He proceeded to throw my water bottle in an attempt to dislodge the frisbee… and it, too, became stuck. Now that I think about it, the most exciting moment came when both Zach and Brian attempted to climb the tree to get it out. Let’s just say that’s an image that neither Sarah nor myself will soon forget.

Brian took today off from work and he’s out and about on this beautiful day. I’m getting ready to buckle down and finish prepping for Sunday’s lesson. It’s still hard for me to believe that it was only one year ago when Shari B. prepared and presented the Passover Sedar for the CRCC Adult Bible Class. Today, she is in the final hours or days of her life. Soon, she will behold the Lamb of God who takes away our sin… face-to-face. She has been on my mind every time I’ve worked on this lesson and she will be especially so today.

Today is Good Friday… but Sunday’s Coming.

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