A snapshot from tonight’s corporate praise and worship time at CrossRoads:

The evening began with an amazing video called “I Love You.” It set the stage.

Three “stations” kicked worship time to a whole new level:
  • 6 x 6 wooden beams strewn across the back of the auditorium. After a time of self-examination, sins were written on a piece of paper and driven into the wood with a hammer and nail. The sound of nails being driven into the wood as we sang “Taste and See” will be a moment I’ll never forget.
  • Two 6′ long pieces of glass set up like a chalkboard. We were asked to go and write the name of a person who was far away from God on the glass. In doing so, we were committing ourselves to praying for them. Hundreds of souls were prayed for tonight as we brought the boards on stage at the end and corporately cried out in prayer for them.
  • Communion. A vivid reminder of why we gathered tonight.

Down front, people were being prayed for, families were being restored and children seemed to be asking Jesus into their hearts from where we were sitting.

A special shout out to those who cared for the little ones while parents were given the opportunity to experience tonight’s gathering. You made a difference.

Jesus, You made ALL the difference. Thank You for giving us a reason to celebrate tonight…and every night.

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