Tonight I’m posting from my bed – electric blanket and all. Why? Because although yesterday seemed like a normal-kind-of-day starting out, it quickly went downhill around 3 pm when I started coughing, feeling achy, scratchy throat, the whole works.

Rewind. Brian and I volunteered to serve in the 3 year old class this past Sunday. I have a feeling that my lack of contact with little ones set me up for the fall. Little ones are cute, but germy. eek. Now I’m praying that Brian doesn’t catch it as he and his band have their biggest gig yet — at the Peace Center this Sunday, opening for Doyle Lawson. I’m so proud of him/them! I’ll have to update links and such tomorrow when I’m feeling better (hopefully).
I voted on the way to the doctor’s office this morning and was delighted that I was out of there within 10 minutes. I had allowed almost an hour for the wait, so I had time to run by the Starbucks drive-through for a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea.  
I’ll be honest. I’m not glued to the news tonight. I’m sick enough and God is still in control.

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