While ellipticizing myself in to a frenzy last Saturday, my eyes locked on to an article found in the most recent issue of Prevention magazine written by William Sears, MD. It was entitled, “The Supergrazer Solution”. Any title that begins with the word “grazer” and ends with the word “solution” has my full attention.

After developing colon cancer some years ago, Dr. Sears realized that Gut Health 101 could be summed up by what he refers to as his rule of twos:

  • Eat twice as often.
  • Eat half as much.
  • Chew twice as long.

It struck me that the physical benefits found in his rule of twos could also translate in to spiritual benefits when spending time in God’s Word.

Eat twice as often.
Need I say more?

Eat half as much.
In the past, I’ve been guilty of checking off my mental “feel-good list” once I’d read a certain number of passages or chapters. In retrospect, I now realize that although my intentions were good, my goal was more about receiving information rather than experiencing transformation. Now, it’s about reading less and meditating more.

Chew twice as long.
Chewing our food properly requires us to slow down. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God”. When we slowly partake of our food, our senses are heightened to the aromas and flavors. It becomes an enjoyable experience (especially if the aroma originates from a cocoa bean). Is it any different when we slow down long enough to allow God’s Word to digest – to penetrate – every fiber of our being? What we read becomes a part of who we are rather than a part of our day.

I’m convinced that it is only when we choose to eat more often and savor smaller portions of Scripture that we leave the table nourished, truly satisfied, and more transformed than informed.

Care to join me?

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