I’m still reeling from yesterday’s service. It was powerful from the get-go. Sarah Weber, CRCC’s Office Administrator (our go-to person), and her mom, Cheryl, shared the story of Eric, Sarah’s cousin, who recently tried to commit suicide, but failed (thank You, Jesus.) Sarah and Cheryl prayerfully set out on a mission to share Christ as they drove to Duke University in Durham, NC. Eric recovered physically (defying all odds) but most importantly, he was healed spiritually. He accepted Christ, and his parents made the same decision soon afterwards. This story could have easily (and happily!) ended here, but the kicker came when Steve asked Cheryl how long she had been praying for her sister (Eric’s mom) and their family. Her reply? Daily… for 30 years. Salt and light personified.

I give up too easily. Way too easily.

Read Eric’s story in full on Sarah’s blog.

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