• I’m glad so many of you enjoyed Brian’s “Valentine” painting. I thought you might also like his latest masterpiece (as far as I’m concerned!). He knows old-fashioned roses and hydrangeas are my absolute top two favs!

  • Maybe you’ve noticed (maybe not!) — I haven’t been posting as much in recent weeks. Teaching both classes is PURE joy. Obviously, more time is required and it has to be taken from somewhere. I’m still working on my study “groove” so hopefully I’ll get back on schedule pretty soon. I miss my writing outlet. 🙂
  • I plan to spring an out-of-the-box idea to the class tomorrow morning (with the Director’s blessings… he loved the idea!) If it’s a go, I’ll share more details.
  • It’s been a rough couple of days. I believe I hear my gardening books calling my name before I hit the sack. I know my electric blanket and Nationwide race are! Goodnight!

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