What a great weekend!

On Saturday morning, I took my first rubber stamping card workshop at Eleanors. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know anyone, I carried my Marvy markers in a Ziploc bag instead of a carrying case, and I cracked up all the ladies when I spoke of adding new stamping tools to my “collection”. Apparently, I had NEWBIE written all over… and that suited me just fine. The women were more than gracious, not to mention downright inspiring.

This was my project. 🙂

I spent Saturday afternoon putting the finishing touches on today’s lesson and then we headed to our first Sunday class cookout.

It was an amazing time of fellowship… and the food was pretty incredible too! Justin, our host, aka the “grill-meister”, prepared steak and chicken shish-kabobs with fresh pineapple, cherries, squash and peppers, not to mention the extras brought by others (FRESH peach pie, brownies, and yummy sweet potato wedges, etc.) And, thanks to Brian accidentally running over my cheap-o sunglasses that night, I now have the opportunity to visit Target for a new pair!

It’s exciting to see the group God is bringing together on Sunday mornings — not only physically, but especially so spiritually.

God is good… all the time.

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