Brian and I both finished up a little Christmas shopping — separately. I shop more like a man — I go in, get what’s on my list, and get out of there.

In the afternoon, I prepared a Paula Deen recipe from her Christmas magazine — Chocolate Chip Caramel Toffee Bars. Yummy! (But it’s not “the one” either)

Brian played trumpet in the Christmas program. The orchestra and choir were simply AMAZING! Immediately following the program, we headed over to Holland Place for our Sunday Class Christmas party. It’s difficult getting to know people if you’re confined to Sunday mornings. Our class has begun to fellowship outside the class more and it’s made a big difference. In January, Sherri plans to lead a study for those in our class. Actually, just for the girls!

Here’s Sherri and I at the party last night. She’s a 2 Timothy 2:15 teacher — faithfully dedicating herself to studying and preparing for our class each week. I appreciate her as my friend, teacher and sis in Christ. Her husband, Andy, coached Brandon’s basketball team years ago.

And here is another sweet friend, Jeannie, whom I appreciate more and more every time I spend time with her. She exemplifies total trust. Jeannie and her husband, Bo, lost their teenage son earlier this year. Their faith is amazing!!!! Every day they choose faith, hope and joy. They live out what they truly believe.

When we arrived home around 1015 pm, Zach and Sarah were ready to decorate their tree. So, out came the hot cocoa and a lot of laughter.

It was an exhausting — but wonderful — day!!!

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