• Saturday was a mess, weather-wise, but the perfect day for my cup of Lady Earl Grey tea! I took a little break prepping for today’s lesson and enjoyed browsing my flower mags and catalogs. You won’t find me window shipping at all — unless it’s Lowe’s, Home Depot, Martin’s Nursery, or Lichtenfelt Nursery, of course!
  • Today has been a great day so far as well. Randy’s message was spot-on, as usual. Our C4 class had good participation along with a couple of surprise guests, which are always nice. My race is getting ready to start but I’ll be heading to Monica’s wedding shower pretty soon. Monica and her mom, Sandy, were a faithful duo when I knew them from CRCC — faithful to serve, to attend the Adult Bible Study, and especially faithful to give the warmest and sincerest smiles God ever created. After leaving CRCC, we stayed in contact and since that time, Monica has met a wonderful man who she plans to marry in April and I have the pleasure of seeing Sandy at the Tuesday night Bible studies. I’m looking forward to seeing them in a little while.

Overall, it’s been a wonderful weekend. And it’s about to get better. I hope to catch a few minutes of the race before leaving for the shower. So, with that, I only have three words to say:
“Boogity! Boogity! Boogity!”

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