• Zach and Sarah were able to join our extended family for dinner last night at Cracker Barrel, followed by a game of Michigan Rummy at the house. Nine players. Needless to say, it wasn’t a short game, but it was one filled with lots of laughter (mostly at Brian’s expense).
  • And speaking of Brian, he received his favorite magazine, “Bluegrass Unlimited” in the mail yesterday and found they had reviewed his band’s “new” CD, Highway 81 — and the review was great! I especially liked the last line, “Throughout Highway 81, Last Road Bluegrass has demonstrated that they are a group with considerable potential and should find eager audiences far beyond their home base of South Carolina.”
  • I received an unexpected email from a sweet single mom whom I met while at CrossRoads. She’s interested in joining our next Bible study (yea!), beginning in January, but what she wrote next stopped me dead in my tracks. She shared how much she had missed me since we left because I was the first person at CRCC to call her by name. Really? She remembered that? I struggled as to whether or not I should share this because it’s not about me — but it is a vivid reminder of those around us every Sunday who are longing to be known by someone. We are to be the “someone”! Her email reminded me of an earlier post.
  • This morning, Brian began playing the trumpet in the church services and he’ll be playing in the Christmas program as well! I was thrilled to see (and hear!) him using this God-given talent for the Lord again.
  • And tonight? “24” is on again!!! Welcome back, Jack!

We’re looking forward to this Thanksgiving week as both boys, Megan and Sarah will all be here to celebrate with us!

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