Check out my new ride!

Brian and I took a day trip to Gusto Cycles and found this Electra Townie 21 Art calling my name. The color is Purple Poem and it’s kicking with 21 gears! I debated for over an hour between this bike and their best selling Townie — pink, with black/white seat, coaster brakes and three gears. The debate ended quickly, however, when the sales guy said the magic words “You may have to walk up steep hills with the 3 speed.” We’re done here. I enjoyed the coaster brakes but if I wanted to walk I’d buy shoes, not a bike.

So, this beaut had to meet the following criteria… and it did:

  • Schweet color/style (first things first! ha…)
  • Comfy-mega seat (this one is leather and packed with padding!)
  • It must make the hill that leads to Karen Trone’s house… sans walking!

I think I was 12 years old the last time I sat in a bike saddle and that’s exactly how old I felt riding this morning. I had a blast! Brian, Zach and Sarah were gracious (and extremely patient) during my warm-up ride.

Now all I need is a basket and a bell. Look out Simpsonville, here I come!

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