Three cool “finds” this week:

The second issue (Summer) of this magazine is even better than the first. I picked up this copy at Publix in Simpsonville but you can also find them in Walmart and Barnes and Noble. It’s worth every penny!
I vividly remember the last time we used a normal shower cleaner. It was downright painful. My lungs were crying out for some relief — and now I’ve found it. This non-toxic Method cleaner (Le Scrub) is AWESOME. For a limited time, it comes with a scrub cloth, but I’m sure anything would work. I cleaned my entire shower in less than 15 minutes and left it smelling like Eucalyptus Mint! I almost enjoyed the experience. Almost.

I saved the best for last! Brian’s band’s new CD came in this week. WNCW 88.7 FM featured their CD today. I was so proud to hear the hubster singing and playing on the radio!

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