Three stories in fact!

Prior to meeting Zach and Sarah for supper Friday night, Brian and I decided to cruise through the local TJ Maxx store. I had a gift card so it seemed like the most logical place to spend time.

In the past, I’ve been able to find one or two “Life is Good” short-sleeved t-shirts, as well as a pair of LG shorts there, but never have I come across any long-sleeved shirts — especially with such schweet designs.

I’m convinced that most people purchase these amusing Jake-with-the-dog-in-tow t-shirts because the designs remind them of an enjoyable time or life story– either recent or reminiscent.

Here’s why I snatched up my three-story-telling shirts:

  • “Log on” – Long-sleeved shirts, marshmallows, and snuggling up to a cozy fire. It’s everything summer is not. My kind of shirt.
  • “Up ‘n’ Autumn” – The shirt contains the word “Autumn”. Need I say more? I’m ready to kick summer to the proverbial curb and usher in the kind of fragrance only dried crunchy leaves can provide.
  • “Van Go” – OK, so this shirt is a size or two too large for me, but the VW 70’s van had our names written all over it as we one day hope to purchase our own small camper van. It will also serve as a reminder that the kids want to go skiing this Winter! (I have a feeling I just purchased a new pajama top.)

Three great shirts + three stories that make me smile + a gift card.

Life is good.

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