I hate shots. Always have. I was the kid who walked around picking up trash off the pediatrician’s floor in hopes that he would have mercy on me, choosing antibiotics instead of the needle. Let’s just say I gave up on that idea pretty quickly. No wonder I’m a germ phobe.

Now I receive 3 shots a WEEK, thanks to my allergies. You name it. I’m allergic to it. I guess the only cool thing about these shots is what they do (I have to find some light at the end of this tunnel!) One shot injects pure allergens of mold/dust, the second injects pure allergens of trees and the last one injects pure allergens of venom. The shots begin with minute doses of each allergen, eventually building up to a maximum dosage within 3-5 years. After this time, most patients become immune to the very things which they were once allergic to.

Sin often operates in immunotherapy mode, doesn’t it? You know what I mean. Sin rarely becomes a part of our life in an instant. It often begins with minute “doses.” We allow it to slowly seep into our thinking, attitudes, and behaviors. Slowly but surely, the irritation of sin begins to lessen. It doesn’t bother us as it once did. And then, unfortunately, if left unchecked, we can easily find ourselves becoming immune – or numb – to the sin in our lives.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could recognize sin as easily as we do the sharp point of a needle? There’s only One who can provide that kind of sensitivity, the Holy Spirit. Let’s pray for it!

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