Although it wasn’t chilly weather, it still turned out to be a great afternoon to dive in to my new books. Come to think of it, what day isn’t a good day for reading?

So, here’s where I began:

I had two “Soul Care” studies on my Christmas list: Simplicity and Soul Searching, both by Mindy Caliguire. Today, I began the Simplicity study and was not disappointed.

Check out a few of the chapter titles:

  • Pursuing Single-Mindedness
  • Living Your Calling?
  • Rigorous Honesty and Ruthless Trust

I’ve decided to move slowly and methodically through the study. Each chapter is only 3-4 pages and the format is simple — but the information, and the questions that follow, are anything but simplistic. I enjoy her writing style and look forward to diving in again tomorrow!

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