We had a blast last night when we got together with our Sunday group for the Super Bowl. Lots of great food, loud cheering (and weeping), and fellowship that really counted. Imagine my surprise when the husband of a woman who’s been praying for him to attend our Sunday morning group walked through the door! I couldn’t help but think of the church services I’d sat through in the past where the pastor attempted to make everyone feel guilty for watching the Super Bowl instead of being in Sunday night services. No doubt lives are changed in the regular Sunday night services — but there’s also no doubt that God is on the move when other opportunities are also made available outside the normal setting. I fully believe this guy will one day attend our Sunday morning group. He was laughing, conversing, and making connections the entire evening.  Now that’s SUPER.

Tonight, I went to a rubber stamping workshop here in Simpsonville. It was pretty cool. Time is of the essence, especially this week, so I didn’t stay very long, but it was fun while it lasted. I made a Valentine box and card. I’m looking forward to setting up my art table upstairs in the near future. 
Tomorrow night, we’ll be kicking off our Tuesday night ladies’ community study with a Valentine Tea. I’m especially looking forward to my dear friend, Becky Kirby, sharing a devotion with the group. I never know exactly what she’s going to share but that’s half the fun. Hearing what God has laid on her heart – even up to the very moment she delivers it is the other half. 🙂 It sounds like it will be the perfect evening for a hot cup of tea and goodies! Rainy and cold. 
On Wednesday night, Brian will be at orchestra practice and I’ll be leading a small group on the Fatherhood of God at FBC. It’s an amazing life-changing study.
Brian and his bluegrass group head to the recording studio this weekend to record their second CD. The first one was very successful and I have no doubt this one will be too.  They’ll be going night and day every weekend for a month, but it will be worth it. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂 
And Sunday? Oh my! It’s the Daytona 500! Immediately following Sunday School, we’ll be heading to the Moore’s (a couple in our group) with baked potatoes and dessert in hand as we go to their home for a Valentine’s Day steak lunch… while we watch the big race, of course! They, too, are NASCAR fans. We can’t wait! Stan, Gloria, their kids, and I will be glued to the TV and giving our own commentaries. And Brian? He’ll be watching us glued to the TV and listening to our commentaries. I guess that should count as my Valentine’s Day gift. 🙂
The week ahead will be non-stop, but it’s all good. 

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