• I enjoyed being a part of the First Impressions huddle this morning. This is one dedicated group of volunteers. Brian Woodard does a great job heading up this ministry.
  • Shawn LaBelle knocked this morning’s class out of the ballpark as he introduced the history behind the Passover. He asked us to do a few things this week in preparation for next Sunday’s Passover Seder: (1) Think about our own heritage. Whose “shoulders” are we standing on? (2) Examine our heart for leaven/sin. This won’t happen in the chaos of life. We must set aside time. (3) See Jesus as our personal Passover Lamb.
  • I met a new friend who contacted CRCC via the Web site last night. I also had the pleasure of meeting Travis and his fiancee, Kris, this morning. God seems to be moving in an exciting way for Travis, Kris, Brandon and Megan. We’re excited for them!
  • Steve’s message on the tree of knowledge of good and evil was insightful. Can’t wait for next week! David began the service with an amazing acoustic song. Check out his blog for the song list. I think the song was “True Love.”

My afternoon highlight? Zach’s NGU Ultimate Frisbee team placed 5th (out of 15 teams) in a Wilmington NC tourney this weekend. Go Ninja Geese!!!! Thanks for the updates Sarah!

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