Two reasons I couldn’t help but smile (& thank God simultaneously) this morning:

  • While making my way to the water fountain, I overheard two senior citizen teachers teaching their groups. So, why the smile? First off, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being back in a church with senior citizens, but the main reason was their fervor in teaching. There’s no such thing as divine “retirement” on this side of heaven. I saw that exemplified in my grandmother who recently passed away. She was still reading her Bible every day and seeking out opportunities to show those around her the love of Christ in the days leading to her homecoming.
  • In group time, we had two families who recently went on a missions trip to the Appalachian Mountains share their experiences with us. So, why the smile? Their children shared how they helped the adults build an outhouse for a 82 year-old woman with terminal cancer living on the side of a mountain… literally (they wanted to build her a new house but she didn’t feel it was a good use of God’s money). This group (consisting of ages 9 mos old – 75 years old) also visited assisted living facilities in the area and conducted VBS every night for a week. Seeing these kids “get it” at their age was an amazing blessing.

Multi-generational-missions-minded people. How could one not smile (and thank God simultaneously!)?

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