• One amazing young man who recently returned from a summer missions trip in Haiti, shared about his adventures with our group Sunday morning. Pictures of the children from the orphanage could melt even the hardest of hearts. Their bright wide smiles contrasted sharply against the poverty and destruction in their midst. He shared how he set his summer plans aside and simply asked God to lead him where He wanted him to go. God is already using this student in ways he never dreamed… and one can only imagine what God has planned for his future. I personally can’t wait to find out!
  • At the end of group time, we all grabbed something and headed to our “new” room which we plan to begin using next Sunday morning. Our stadium-seated (no windowed) room worked well initially, but some found the steep stairs hard to navigate, and there were other reasons as well. Our new room has two big windows! Yes, a small detail — but it’s a detail not lost on those of us who thrive on sunlight.
  • Brian and I went to Joy of Tokyo for lunch and rested for most of the afternoon. It was a nice break and fun to catch up with the hubby over steak and rice.
  • A NASCAR race, a mini-nap, and a search on the internet for our next weekend getaway all made for a relaxing time.
  • Later in the afternoon, we checked out a few places for camper vans (long story…another posting) and ended up trying out the new ice cream shop in downtown Simpsonville (within walking distance of our house! ha….) It’s located in the old train depot — great ice cream (soft serve!) and unfortunately for my hips, the servings are more than sufficient. It’s a place we’ll visit occasionally and enjoy…
  • You know it’s been a good day when you can end it by watching Masterpiece Theater’s, “Cat Among the Pigeons” by Agatha Christie. We’re a new fan of Detective Poirot’s!

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