• It was a blessing to see the hubster playing in the praise band this morning at 1st Baptist. Actually, that’s an understatement. Today’s set-list:
Not To Us – Chris Tomlin
Lead Me To The Cross – Hillsongs
Captivate Us – Watermark
Give You Glory – Jeremy Camp

  • Friends we’d attended CRCC with joined Simpsonville First Baptist this morning. It was a bit surreal seeing and hearing their names as they joined another church. I’m really happy for them and I look forward to seeing them on a regular basis as we also plan to join very soon. I don’t mind sharing that, while most of me will be rejoicing on that day, there will also be a place within me that will grieve for a moment when I hear our names being spoken before another church. Grieving over what could have been. What should have been, in our opinion. Not just for us, but for so many other faithful families who, over the years, poured their time, energy, and very heart into partnering with the Lord in helping grow CRCC. Their names will also be spoken or recorded in other churches throughout our community one day soon. It’s not what Brian and I, along with many of those who have left, ever wanted or sought after. We wanted to continue giving to and faithfully serving in the church we had initially signed on for, but we feel that church no longer exists. A part of me will always be at CRCC. I love that church, the leaders and people, and I pray God’s best for them. I am confident God will use the dispersed crowd for His glory — I believe He already is doing so. The day we join forces with 1st Baptist will begin a new chapter in this book called “life” and I’m looking forward to it!
  • We enjoyed dinner with Zach tonight. It’s great having him home for Fall break. It’s great having him home any time. Everything is so different with the kids away (we miss you Brandon and Megan!) But again, it seems God accomplishes much through the “different” situations in life. We’re proud of all our kids — Brandon, Megan, Zach and Sarah. There are moments when I tear up at the thought of the type of kids I should have had, based on my past sins and mistakes. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s mercy and grace. We’re talking about the Old and New Covenant in class tomorrow night. Preparing for that lesson gave me a fresh reminder of our many blessings on this side of the cross. Thank You Jesus!
  • I ran into an old friend at Bi-lo tonight who recently came out of a difficult church situation. Since that time, he has refused to get involved in any small group setting because the thought of growing close to another group of people who could potentially hurt him and his family was too much to bear. Interestingly enough, we had just finished speaking on how the enemy disguises himself as light (2 Corinthians 11:14) – he sounds like light/truth, he looks like light/truth, he even “feels” like light/truth, when in fact, after all is said and done, he leaves behind only destruction and confusion. To say that the enemy has honed his disunity skills is an understatement. I shared with my friend and his sweet wife that we cannot allow the enemy to deceive us through the guise of discouragement. By staying out of class, my friend has unknowingly allowed the enemy to keep he and his wife from a deeper study in God’s Word, prayer, and the ability to sharpen iron with other believers. To allow past disappointments to rule today’s relationship with Christ is to crack the door open for the enemy’s foothold. And we all know he never stops there. We all parted ways encouraged and I hope to see them in Sunday School next week!

So much for “snippets!”

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