• We had a great class this morning. Although I don’t personally know most of those in the class (yet!) it’s obvious that they are in the class to learn and grow the Word. It’s not about checking off a “this-is-what-it-means-to-be-a-good-Baptist (or any other denomination)” list. There’s no doubt God is using Sherri’s infectious hunger for Him to infiltrate the hearts and lives of us all. This morning, while in 1 Samuel, we discussed the fact that God closed Hannah’s womb and how it feels when God brings or allows disappointment and trials. One couple, whose 18 year old son was killed in May, spoke up quickly and shared of God’s faithfulness. Do they still experience sadness? Of course they do. But the husband shared how they had to make the conscious decision to take God at His Word and trust Him fully, regardless of the pain. Isn’t it always inspiring to see Christ followers living out what they truly believe? It was powerful, to say the least.
  • Brian is out of town today. I miss him much, but I plan to drown my sorrows in brownies with walnuts (I always have to make them plain for Brian) and a double-header NASCAR day!!! Due to Tropical Storm Hannah, the Friday and Saturday night races were postponed until today. The Sprint Cup begins at 1:00 and the Nationwide race at 7:00. That’s a lot of brownies. but somehow I will suffer through (maybe I should plan a long walk in between races?) I have to admit that it’s days like this when I’m thankful to be an “only” as I have no problem entertaining myself.

I hope you have a BLESSED Sunday!

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