• The Prouts came over for dinner Friday night. I introduced Angie to Ebay and Craig’s List. As a result, I inadvertently introduced Steve to whole new level of budgeting. Sorry Steve!
  • Brian and I were hoping for a good planting day on Saturday. I’ll share the design plans this week! Due to the rain on Friday (no complaints!) we were unable to do so but it worked out for the best.
  • On Saturday afternoon, I went to stay with MaMa (my grandmother on Dad’s side) who was admitted to the hospital on Thursday after a fall. I was reminded of the value found not only in a well-skilled nurse, but one whom also possesses compassion. Sonia, the night RN, was an angel from above. I know the Children’s Hospital will experience the same blessing when Megan begins working there tomorrow morning.
  • This morning, when MaMa woke up, it was still dark outside and in the room. Her first words were “Is anybody here?” When she heard my voice, her tears began to flow out of gratitude. I was reminded of the times I’ve asked the same question while “in the dark” and the comfort found from the voice of One who is ever present.
  • This afternoon, we had our first annual Scott Family Reunion. It was a great time visiting with family and close family friends. One special friend of the family is Catherine Couch Edwards, Mama’s best friend. I was named after this sweet godly woman and I’m proud of it!

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