We had an another amazing service this morning. The pastor answered the following four questions while wrapping up the book of Job (chapters 40 & 42):

1. What is repentance?
2. Why did Job need to repent?
3. What does real repentance look like?
4. How can we cultivate a repentant heart?

I couldn’t write fast enough! Here are some of today’s take-aways:

  • Job had begun to feel an “entitlement” in his relationship with God; he had begun to see himself as God’s peer. God is not our peer.
  • Often we want answers from God more than we want a relationship with Him.
  • True repentance is to be pre-occupied with God, not myself.
  • True repentance involves embracing our position, much like Job did in 42:3. It is recognizing that I’m not God’s “buddy”. To embrace our position before a holy God means to live in “sweet complacency” – a stilled heart – knowing full well that hidden things belong to the Lord and His presence is enough. Nothing else matters.
  • When we go to someone to repent, we do not get to control how the other person responds to our offer of forgiveness. In essence, we are placing ourselves at their mercy, with no expectations in return.
  • God didn’t give Job answers, but He did give him His presence, and that was enough for Job.

It was encouraging, convicting, and challenging, to say the least.

Tonight, the kids and their friends are coming over for a cook-out (yes, outside in the heat!) I can’t imagine a better way to close out such an awesome day!

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