I am not crazy about watching sports (except for racing of course!) but I am crazy about the guys in my life who do. Since June, Brian, Zach and I have watched Euro 2008, Tiger’s playoff at the U.S. Open, and Nadal pull off an incredible win at Wimbeldon yesterday. Now onto the le Tour de France, which began on Saturday, and will end just before the Summer Olympics begin.

My favorite athlete of the summer, however, will not be found on ESPN. Instead, you’ll find him running, biking and swimming in Greenville. Zach, our youngest son, will participate in his first triathlon on August 17. Cheering him on at the event will be alot of fun, especially since we’ve had the opportunity to see his training behind the scenes. Have mercy. People like Courtney and others who participate in tri’s have earned a newfound respect from me. Zach’s eating habits have improved, he’s paid for a Y summer membership so he could spiff up his swimming skills, began riding his bike like a mad-man (if you see a couple of guys riding at 7 am on Sunday mornings, steer clear! It could be Zach and Brian), and running in the early morning hours. I’m so proud of him! One thing is for sure. He did not inherit the training-perseverance gene from me.

I’m currently playing the sport known as dodge ball. Zach has reminded me a couple of times that triathletes normally don’t hit their prime until mid 30’s – early 40’s. Oh, I am so past the prime, but I certainly need to work on the physical part of me. Doesn’t working in the yard count for anything?

Anywho, I’m pretty proud of the athlete that lives under my roof, but I guess I’m still stuck with watching the other events. I’m sorry. No Lance, no interest although George certainly is a local favorite.

I’m tired. Could someone please hand me an energy bar?

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