I saw a cardiologist today. Nothing major – just minor heart flutters. I thought by now my heart would be accustomed to a little fluttering with such an awesome hubster around (Brian, see garden dream list in 4/12/08 posting) … but apparently it is not.

The cardiologist tried his best to explain to me how the heart functions – how every vessel running through the heart is designed to contract at the same time, thus creating a synergy known as a heartbeat.

Synergy: A mutually advantageous conjunction where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

As vital as synergy is to the human heart, it is even more so to the Church. Rich coined the phrase “DNA” when describing particular strengths and characteristics among the churches within our community. (If anyone can coin a phrase, it’s Rich Butler!) Each church, playing a vital role — a “vessel”, if you will — in the kingdom. And yet we know the real synergy takes place when all the “vessels” culminate to produce one heartbeat. The heartbeat of Jesus Christ.

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