We checked out First Baptist Simpsonville a little more last night by attending their “Getting to Know” dinner. Again, it’s very strange being on this side of the process. I found myself wanting to welcome other guests. I guess the adage “Old habits die hard” rings true.

We were pleasantly surprised to see two familiar faces when we arrived. It was nice having something in common with them as we shared dinner together.

Highlights from the evening:

  • The meal was yummy!
  • I’m guessing there were 75-100 people there, including staff, who were scattered among the different tables. The Ladies’ Ministry did a great job hostessing (is that a word?)
  • Randy put everyone at ease early on and the evening flowed smoothly.
  • A brief video was shown for each staffer. It was helpful matching faces with names and a great way to hear more about their vision and meet their families.
  • Randy talked about their beliefs/vision and the strategic plan that is in place to take newcomers through discipleship and more.
  • My favorite quote from Randy was this: “You won’t hear Baptist this or Baptist that at FBC because the church is not about making people Baptists, but committed followers of Jesus Christ. ” They are obviously doing a lot of things right.

Although we didn’t become members last night, we left feeling like we knew (and appreciated) FBC more than when we arrived, so I would say it was most definitely a success!

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