Writing Opens Doors, Part 2

(Part 1)

Recently, I discovered two tools that not only help to raise my awareness to the nuances of life, but also bump up the fun factor by quite a bit.

First, “The Writer’s Notebook”, by Ralph Fletcher. Although his target audience is school-aged children, the practical ideas collected in this book can be utilized by all writers, regardless of age or experience. One particular excerpt sums it up best:

“Use your writer’s notebook as a specimen box to collect ideas–even strange, surprising, far-fetched ideas.”

So, imagine my delight when Ralph unknowingly sent this office supply geek in search of the perfect writer’s notebook–the second tool–which was quickly discovered at Writer’s Bloc, one of my absolute favorite Web sites.

These canvas-clad notebooks are small enough to carry in my purse–and clever enough to make them well worth my while when it comes to searching for them in my mega purse.

And finally, just for fun, this notebook…

If you journal, you already have a clear understanding as to the inherent value found in writing down what is stirring about in your heart and mind, whether it is a prayer to the Lord, or a divine pausing of our day which causes us to raise our awareness of Him.

Both are glorifying to the Lord and well worth our effort. Wouldn’t you agree?

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