Fresh Blessings and Guest Blogging

 (Owners of B Encouraged Ministry Home)

It’s a blessing to have sufficient room for a Bible study. And it’s one, quite frankly, I took for granted until a few weeks ago.

With a record number of women signed up for our Abide in Christ study, we had doubts that we’d fit in our current location, the beautiful B Encouraged Ministry House in downtown Simpsonville. After all, there were 28 women in the last study and the space was tight.

We considered meeting elsewhere, resigning ourselves to the fact we had no other choice. That is, until I stopped by for a trial run yesterday. Becka, one of their amazing staffers, suggested a different place for Becky and I to stand while leading the study. Yes, it will still be a little “cozy”, as realtors say, but we think will work just fine. 

New ideas and fresh blessings emerge when we include others in our decisions. Thank you, Becka!


Also, I’m delighted to be guest blogging at Allison Martin’s The Budget Maven today. I’d love for you to hop over for a quick visit. There, you’ll also find my poem Soft Clover, which won third place at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference in 2011.

Knock, Knock. Who’s There?

Today, one of my favorite bloggers, Allison Martin, invites bloggers to share ten things about themselves. It’s a fun way to build community and to get to know each other a little better. If you’d like to join in the fun, simply visit her blog, The Budget Maven, and add your blog link to her comments.

As awkward as this feels, here goes.

I am…Cathy. Wife. Mom. Mom-in-law. Grammy. Writer. Blogger. Office supply junkie.

I want…McDonald’s Frappes to register as a big fat “O” on the Weight Watchers point system. If I can’t have that, I’d like this perched on the side of a mountain.

I have…Barnabas (son of encouragement) for a hubby. He supports my staying home to pursue writing opps, encouraging me at every turn. Add two amazing sons, beautiful daughter-in-law’s (inside & out), and an adorable granddaughter (with a grandson on the way!) Thank You , Jesus!

I wish…home organization came easier for me.

I hate… how fear doesn’t stay put. Give it an inch, it takes a mile, invading more space than you ever desired or thought possible.

I fear… being misunderstood, a world without coffee, snakes, highway travel.

I hear…the humming of our A/C (thankful alert!), a snoring Lhasa Apso, and the sweet rhythm of silence. 

I search…for vintage poetry books, sea glass, ideas, ways to spend time with family and friends.

I wonder…what plans God has for Piper, our granddaughter, and if our future grandson is born, or waiting for Brandon and Megan’s arrival in Uganda. They should find out more details soon.

I regret…past decisions, but refuse to dwell on them. Jesus paid too high of a price for me to wallow in the sea of regret. He has cleansed me, therefore, I am clean.

Care to join in the fun? Let me know if you take Allison up on her invitation. I’d love to get to know you more!


Obsessing over: Hydrangeas. Bountiful blooms scattered throughout the garden greeted us upon our arrival Saturday afternoon. The Nikko blue hydrangeas were snipped from a plant I dug up in my grandmother’s yard prior to her move to assisted living, making them extra special to me.

Working on: A writing schedule. I’ve allowed a multitude of distractions to disrupt the schedule I began in January but today is a new day! I returned from the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Conference with a fresh sense of purpose, including a renewed desire to step up my devotional writing. While at the beach last week, I learned that Upper Room decided to accept my meditation. The publish date is May/June 2013. Talk about revving up a writing engine!

Thinking about: How much I’d enjoy a screened-in porch right now. (Perhaps, I should instead be thinking about the pitfalls of envy)

Anticipating: The arrival of our second grandchild — a little boy from Uganda. We’re not sure when his arrival will take place but we are certain that God has His hand upon him and is preparing him to become part of a family that already loves him very much.

Listening to: Bumblers smack the window panes as if they’re doing somersaults off a spanking new Springfree™ trampoline. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this, friends.

Eating: Healthier. Steven James, when speaking on The Four Secrets to Success, told of how we need to keep tuning our instrument (minds), which included eating healthy foods and exercising.

Wishing: I’d had more options yesterday when I had to put our cat to sleep. She’d been gone for about a week and returned home injured quite badly. She was, by far, the sweetest outdoor cat that’s ever happened upon my back porch. Lucy will be missed.

Despite the last entry, composing this post was a lot of fun. Want to give it a try on your blog? Check out the post that inspired this one, thanks to Allison Martin, first-place winner for the blog category. Visit her site, The Budget Maven, and you’ll see why.

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