Steeled-Toe Shoe Alert!

“As people age they tend toward one of two extremes—growing hard and unbending or becoming kinder and more forgiving.” – Beth Moore

This quote, taken from her 90 Day Devotional on the Life of Paul, refers to the Apostle Paul and his relationship with John Mark. The interesting part, however, is that it’s based on Philemon 1:9-10—verses that deal with Paul and Onesimus, not John Mark.

Or do they?

Beth points out how she feels John Mark may have been Paul’s inspiration for seeking restoration between Philemon and Onesimus. Paul had been hard and unyielding in the conflict between himself and John Mark years earlier, but healing had since taken place.

True restoration not only brings joy to the soul—it also matures us and allows us to set better examples for the younger generations to come.

Albert Camus said, “You are the sum of all your choices.”

It’s always comes down to our daily choices, don’t you agree?

Lord, help me to be a woman who refuses to give in to the “I deserve this and that” and “doomsday” attitudes of the world as I grow older. That mindset is a scheme stirred up from the belly of hell. Help me to set my eyes on You that I might leave an inheritance of gentleness, kindness, forgiveness and restoration-seeking attitudes for my children, grandchildren, and generations I’ll never know.

photo courtesy of heartlight.org

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