Random Lessons Learned

“I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” -Thomas A. Edison

Lessons learned over the weekend:

  • The Weather Channel’s roving reporters add nothing to the drama level by standing sideways against 80 mph winds. They look ridiculous and put not only themselves in harm’s way, but the camera men as well.
  • Never substitute napkins propped by the popcorn for Puffs tissues—something Beth and I learned the hard way Sunday afternoon while watching “The Help.” (By the way, LOVED the movie!)
  • Exercising is always more fun (and I believe efficient 🙂 when accompanied by 70’s music.
  • Based on Chip Ingram’s Good to Great in God’s Eyes series (which I taught as my last class yesterday), our “to-be’s” need to be jotted down in our calendars prior to our “to-do’s”. I want to be healthier, so guess what’s already in my calendar this week? Exercising. Chip shares how he wanted to be a better husband so he marked in his calendar a date night with his wife every Friday. That was 26 years ago and he’s become a better hubby as a result. What “to-be’s” do you need to jot down before your week gets away from you?
  • Our identity is not to be based on any spiritual gift or talent we possess. It is to be grounded in Christ.
  • We made a lot of mistakes as parents but we also created some pretty cool Christmas traditions (I worked on the Christmas e-book this weekend!)
  • As important as it is to budget our money, it’s even more vital that we budget our time.

–image courtesy of US Coastguard

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