Friday Fave: Chasing After God’s Heart

This week I had the privilege of meeting with a couple friends to help review CHASE, a new DVD based study by Jennie Allen. We did a brief walk-through of one lesson, so this is by no means a thorough review, but here’s why it was an immediate fave:

  • I liked Jennie. She seemed authentic, down to earth, and well-studied. I felt as if I was sitting across from a friend with a hot cup of coffee in hand discussing our favorite subject: God’s Word. 
  • The study layout is clean with ample white space. It has a nice contemporary/fresh feel to it.
  • I mentioned the contemporary layout because although it initially appeals to the eyes, it doesn’t take long for the scripture verses and insightful questions to take hold of the heart and mind.
  • I could envision smaller groups working well with this study — those searching for more discussion than digging. There’s obviously a place for both, as long as they’re centered on and saturated in the Word. 

I would definitely consider leading this study in a smaller setting. The cost for the leader’s kit is also considerably less than others – a real plus for many small groups. $26.39, Amazon. 

Have a great weekend! 


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