Lessons Learned at the Groomer

I went in search of a new groomer for Rupert, our spoiled but oh-so-cute Lhasa Apso.

After days of perusing the internet for reviews on local groomers, I found Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital in Simpsonville.

Based on the site, I felt it may be a keeper — and my visit on Friday confirmed it. In the process, I learned a few lessons on how our actions consistently speak louder than mere words:

  • Every staffer, not only the veterinarians, were represented on the Web site. Every person matters on this team.
  • Every staffer’s bio picture included their personal pet(s). We love our pets, we’ll love yours too.
  • Receptionists are exceptionally and sincerely friendly, both over the phone and in person. This is an incredibly key position, and here’s why… There’s no such thing as a second impression.
  • The facility is clean, spacious, and bright. Welcome!
  • The groomer, Rebekah Yarber, came out to personally greet us and to learn more about Rupert. She also followed up with me personally after his service. The customer matters.
  • Rebekah gave him his best cut — ever. Excellent service = repeat customers.

Their words were comforting, helpful, and insightful – but it’s their actions that will keep me coming back. As a matter of fact, I may just switch over to Cleveland Park for both vet and groomer services based on the above observations.

Our actions reveal more than our words ever will.

What will our actions reveal about us today?

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