Emily Post Would Be Proud

Handling Mistakes: Though it may be embarrassing to get a name wrong or draw a complete blank, such lapses aren’t rude—just very human! -excerpt from Emily Post’s Etiquette 18th Edition

Emily’s book goes on to share the protocol for those of us who draw more blanks than Vanna White turns on Wheel-of-Fortune.

This updated version of Emily’s classic (done so by her great-great-grandchildren) is drawing rave reviews – and rightfully so with its relevant chapters on communication, technology, social life, and much more.

The book itself is crisp with plenty of white space, allowing the reader to breathe between tidbits of advice, but what makes my personal copy special is my mom’s handwritten inscription. No wonder it was one of our favorite Christmas gifts!

Let’s face it, prim and proper comes and goes, but learning how to be courteous and prepared for life’s situations benefit both our personal and professional lives.

Thank you Mom and Steve.

-photo courtesy of The Style Umbrella


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