My Friday Fave

Years ago, I omitted milk from my diet after a general surgeon told me God never intended adults to drink cow milk. I felt much better as a result—but I’ve missed my cereal.

This week, I found Flaxmilk “Original”, a non-dairy product that has literally opened new doors for me. Okay, so the doors are golden yellow, constructed from cardboard, and have little mini-wheats dancing on the front.

It’s creamy (reminds me of whole milk) and packed with Omega 3, flax, and other nutrients. It’s also very low in calories—which works to my advantage since I celebrated my newfound non-dairy freedom by eating two boxes of mini-wheats in 4 days.

Oh, the sweet taste of freedom Flaxmilk “Original”. Let’s just say the little mini wheats are not alone in their happy dance.

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