Friday Fave: Blackberry Cottage


Just the name Blackberry Cottage stirs excitement in the heart! It’s here we’ll be staying when we head up to the beautimous NC mountains for a weekend getaway in a couple of weeks.

Lord willing, we’ll pop into our favorite antique stores, the local health-nut bakery, and the oh-so amazing pizzeria—but most of all, I’m looking forward to rocking on the porch, breathing in elevated air, and seeing where my pen will lead. 

A lot of people will be heading to the beach this summer. I know at least one friend who’s heading to Alaska, and my parents will soon be cruising to Spain, France, Italy and Greece. Long vacations are always nice (can’t wait for our annual family beach trip!) — but mini-getaways certainly have their place in our hectic world.

So…if you had the opportunity to choose a destination within 100 miles of your home, where would you go?

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