The Fun Has Begun!

1 new pound cake pan + 9 ingredients + 1 cohort in the kitchen =
One Amazing Poundcake!

Angie Prout and I had a blast today cooking my first pound cake in the new pan. She is an awesome cook so I knew my chances of success would greatly increase with her by my side.

After popping the cake in the oven (and licking the batter from the bowl), I was introduced to the Prout’s new Wii game. Words cannot express just how grateful I was that no one was there to watch us Hula Hoop. We were getting ready to bowl when the timer went off. With Angie’s convection stove it took no time at all!

Check it out:

We used Janet Langley’s Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe. The cake is yummy, but the glaze is especially sweet. Our family likes lemon, but in the future, when I begin making them on a regular basis, I’ll stick with a basic buttermilk pound cake just to be safe.

Needless to say, our cooking collaboration was a success — and a whole lot of fun!

Thanks Angie!

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