Three Lessons Learned While Blogging

Four years and nearly 800 posts ago, I dove into the blogosphere head first and have yet to come up for air. I surface today to simply share that changes are on the way! A fresh title and blog design, along with updated content, are all headed down the proverbial pike.

Looking back to my first post in February 2008 and moving forward into 2012, I’m reminded of three things:

  • I learn, grow, and yes, marvel a bit at other bloggers, but I must remain true to who I am and to what I sense God would have me share in this space.
  • Blogging has become a fine-tune button on the pulse of my life, raising awareness to my daily surroundings, thereby upping my praise/prayer opportunities.
  • Your time is of tremendous value to me. As a result, I try to keep my posts concise. After all, meaning is discovered in haiku (3 lines) as well as sonnets (14 lines).

Is there one specific way blogging has affected you, either as a reader or blogger?

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