Gratitude… Spelled Out By Hand

by Cathy Baker

There is a gratefulness often gone unspoken, relying only on assumptions between two people. Then it’s too late, and assumptions ripen into regrets never fulfilled this side of heaven.

It’s for this reason I decided to bundle six notes of gratitude together to slip into my hubby’s luggage for a recent trip to France. With our 25th wedding anniversary just around the corner {actually, it’s today!)}, it was the perfect opportunity to leave all assumptions behind.

So I purchased a pack of note cards and began writing one for each day he was to be away, spelling out why I’m grateful for him.

Sunday’s card shared what he could expect throughout the week. A Week of Gratefulness, if you will.

Monday focused on how grateful I am for his relationship with Christ, for it is from that relationship that all else flows.

Tuesday through Thursday were specific things I’m grateful for, character-wise, and I ended Friday’s note by sharing how grateful I am for how hard he works. I chose to end the week focused on work because it doesn’t define who he is…it’s simply what he does. And he does it well. He’s one of the hardest workers I know, and for that, I am very grateful.

Did anyone in particular come to mind as you read today’s post? Grab the phone or pen and paper…don’t hesitate another moment…let the gratitude flow. 

You’ll never regret it.

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