Staying In Step with the Spirit Via A Well Placed Pooch

by Cathy Baker

{ Day 28 }

She stayed a few steps ahead of me, pushing her baby stroller with baby Rapunzel in tow. 

It wasn’t long before Rupert, our 11 year old Lhasa Apso decided to join in the stroll. Unfortunately, aging Lhasas aren’t always the best companion for little ones, especially when their wee feet are in motion. Rupert has never hurt Piper but he’s growled and nipped enough towards her toes to make her understandably nervous at times. (Let’s just say he’s seeing his crate increasingly more when the grands come for a visit.)

Rupert, our ornery well loved Lhasa.

I stayed between her and Rupert as we strolled throughout the rooms but with every few steps, she’d glance back to make sure Rupert wasn’t following too closely. Each time, I’d reassure her:

“Don’t worry, Pipes.”
“I’m standing between you and Rupert. He can’t touch you.”
“It’s okay.” 
“You just keeping looking straight ahead. I’m watching out for you.” 

My reassurances to Piper came naturally, like grandparent to child. I smiled and continued patting her petite shoulders when the Lord whispered, This is a picture of you and Me. I reassure you with My promises during your times of fear but like Piper, you often spend more time glancing over your shoulder rather than enjoying our stroll together. 

Sweet Pipes and her pigtails.

The tone of His voice wasn’t condemning or else I’d know it wasn’t my heavenly Father (Romans 8:8). Instead, it was the voice of a Father desiring more for His daughter, much like I wanted Piper to enjoy her stroll and simply trust me to protect her from an ornery but well-loved pooch.

Staying in Step with the Spirit: Sometimes staying in step with God’s Spirit is simply recognizing how closely His steps are to ours. 

Heavenly Father, help us to trust Your promises at all times, especially when we can’t “see” you at work in our lives. Thank You for being a loving, firm, always-wanting-what’s-best-for-His-children kind of Father, and not a condemning One. Because You have our back, we no longer need glance over our shoulders in fear.

Your turn! Do you have a favorite promise of God you’d like to share?

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A Week in Pictures

I’m sharing a few favorite pics, mainly because I love them, but also because I’m under the weather, thanks to a multitude of dusty totes being carried from our attic, through the house, and into storage. Gotta love a roof job! Turns out, even if you get three shots a week for allergies, you’re still not immune. Sigh. I couldn’t write a normal post if I tried.

So, here goes with some of my favorite pics from the past week or two:

One of Piper’s favorite things to do when she comes to visit is to play Brian’s mandolin. As you can see, she holds the flat pick just right and plucks away like Brian shows her. My only regret in this picture is that you can’t see the new curl that’s cropped up. A-dorable! 

It’s a paci in motion! This little apple didn’t fall from the tree. Lucky for Zach, I don’t have pictures handy from his toddler days where the proof of his love for the pacifier was plastered in a red rash on top of his upper lip. (You do know that’s why parents keep embarrassing pictures of their children, right? This, and their wedding rehearsal slide show.)
Bye-bye Rupert! Our Lhasa is heading to the vet for some special pampering in their TLC boarding section for a few days while our roof is replaced. It’s apparently a very noisy job that would spook Rup for sure — especially if when I escape to Starbucks.

I pray you have a very blessed week. We have much to be thankful for…such as friends and family who take a few moments out of their hectic week to stop by and read my posts.

Thank you!


Lessons Learned at the Groomer

I went in search of a new groomer for Rupert, our spoiled but oh-so-cute Lhasa Apso.

After days of perusing the internet for reviews on local groomers, I found Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital in Simpsonville.

Based on the site, I felt it may be a keeper — and my visit on Friday confirmed it. In the process, I learned a few lessons on how our actions consistently speak louder than mere words:

  • Every staffer, not only the veterinarians, were represented on the Web site. Every person matters on this team.
  • Every staffer’s bio picture included their personal pet(s). We love our pets, we’ll love yours too.
  • Receptionists are exceptionally and sincerely friendly, both over the phone and in person. This is an incredibly key position, and here’s why… There’s no such thing as a second impression.
  • The facility is clean, spacious, and bright. Welcome!
  • The groomer, Rebekah Yarber, came out to personally greet us and to learn more about Rupert. She also followed up with me personally after his service. The customer matters.
  • Rebekah gave him his best cut — ever. Excellent service = repeat customers.

Their words were comforting, helpful, and insightful – but it’s their actions that will keep me coming back. As a matter of fact, I may just switch over to Cleveland Park for both vet and groomer services based on the above observations.

Our actions reveal more than our words ever will.

What will our actions reveal about us today?

Lesson Learned From One Spoiled Lhasa

I know you want this, but you can’t have it. It’s not good for you.

To Rupert, however, everything about it was right:

It looked good.
It smelled good.
It was edible.
Everybody else was eating it.

How do you reason with an eight-year old Lhasa Apso? After all, I know what’s best for him even when he doesn’t understand. He simply needs to trust me.

While spouting these words of wisdom to Rupert (note his glazed expression in the picture) I gained a sense of how God may feel when trying to reason with me.

  • It looks and smells good, Lord. Why can’t I have it, experience it, or enjoy it? The enemy has been attempting to hijack our God-given senses ever since fig leaves were in fashion. When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye…she took some and ate it. Genesis 3:6
  • It’s edible, it makes sense, it’s available, and calling my name, Lord—and You’re asking me to wait?
  • Everybody else has one, Lord! Why are you denying me but blessing everyone else?

I quietly repented in that moment recognizing that much like Rupert, I won’t always see, sense, or understand what’s best for me, but I must always trust that God does.

A lesson learned from one spoiled Lhasa. Thank You, Lord.

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