Fab Finds in Brevard, NC

Meandering mountain roads and citrus-tipped leaves served as the official greeters for Brevard NC Saturday afternoon.

Of course, I knew I’d like any town with a place called Quotations Coffee Cafe but it was their Main Street Ltd. Gift Shop that put the giddy-up in this girl.

Fab Finds:

  • An ever-so-soft hand-knit newborn cap for Piper (in Thanksgiving colors, of course!)
  • A small journal that reads “She climbed until she saw” on the front cover. The meaning will have to be covered in another post.
  • What a hoot! An owl mug that holds lots-o-coffee and is dishwasher safe.
  • A butterfly finger puppet. With the light flicker of a finger the wings gracefully glides to your heart’s content. We’re collecting puppets for future Piper shows. I think she’ll especially like this one. (Highlands Books, Brevard NC)

Check back on Wednesday when I’ll share the shot of the day. Can anyone say breathtaking?

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