Regaining Sustained Momentum

“Write every day. Regaining momentum takes three times as much energy
as sustaining momentum.” Daniel H. Pink

Setting aside a specific time to write has proven this quote on sustained momentum to be spot on. The words seem to flow more freely, creativity sparks a bit quicker, and techniques are implemented with more ease.

I wish the same could be said for other areas in my life where momentum is crying out to be regained. For those of you who’ve read my blog for awhile you know I began running last year and absolutely loved it. Because of severe reflux I was advised to find another means of exercising. That was in August, and I have yet to search for something new (I have the extra pounds to prove it!) I’d like to say I’m still mourning over the loss of a loved calorie burner, but the truth is, I simply lack the motivation to find another.

If we didn’t get such a crazy deal through Brian’s work with the Sports Club, I would be rowing with Beth here — but I do, so I can’t.

The fact of the matter is, if I keep doing what I’m doing, I will continue getting what I’m getting, and that’s not a direction I plan to pursue. Perhaps that’s why the above quote resonates so deeply.

Yes, it may take three times as much energy to regain momentum, but no momentum at all will deplete my life of much more than energy.

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