Dream A Little Dream With Me

Okay, I realize the song title is a bit different but since I’m pretty certain you don’t want to dream a little dream of me, I’m inviting you to dream a little dream with me.

The Daily Health Post reports that there are actual health benefits to dreaming/daydreaming!

So, let’s step outside, walk on a leaf-strewn path, find a comfy bench at the park, lay in a hammock…and dream a little!

With all the serious facets of life as our foundation (faith, family, health, etc.), it’s fun to dream of the “what if’s” and the “I wonder’s” as long as our contentment meter doesn’t get out of whack.

Since I only know the dreams rumbling around in my head (and it’s my birthday!) I’ll get the ball rolling. See if anything resonates in your own heart.


A house — tiny, small, or on stilts, I don’t care…
as long as it’s in the NC mountains…
with a view, or at least the feel, of the mountains surrounding me.
(The perfect writing nook, wouldn’t you agree?)
Did I mention the winding tree-shrouded private driveway leading up to it?
(Look, Brian! No grass to mow.)
Williams Sonoma
And don’t forget the chicken coop! I’ve already named three of my chickens:
Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Grilled…I’m serious.
Bye Bye big bucks for organic eggs!

Umm, did I cross a line in naming my future chickens? Just keeping it real here! So how about you? What’s one thing you dream about doing or becoming?


Staying in Step with the Spirit Via A Mini-Getaway

by Cathy Baker 

{ Day 20 } 

When’s the last time you packed an overnight bag, loaded up your car and escaped for a mini-getaway?

Chimney Rock, NC

Brian and I did just that this past weekend as we wound our way up the mountains to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary (which is actually today!) Our first couple of days were spent walking the bustling streets of Hendersonville and Chimney Rock, sipping down handcrafted coffee, and scoping out new antique stores. 

We also stopped by Justus Orchard, where we were greeted with a waft of winesap apples and all the fixins. Let’s just say two freshly fried turnovers and a dozen warm apple cider doughnuts (a first for us!) hitched a ride on our way back to Saluda that afternoon. Unfortunately, I have a feeling they’ll continue to hitch a ride with me for weeks to come.

(For those visiting the NC area: Dozens of orchards are scattered throughout Henderson County but Justus Orchard is a fun experience for the entire family. Children can ride in mini-trains pulled by tractors through the orchards, pet the Alpacas, and go in search of the perfect pumpkin.)

On Saturday, however, things shifted to a slower pace. Brian went to a record show for most of the day while I snuggled beneath the rafters of the side porch that hug the Blackberry Cottage. You know, nothing settles the soul quite like watching crisp winds invite the leaves to dance and seeing many accept, bowing gracefully to its direction. 

There, surrounded only by God’s handiwork, 
His voice found no competition.

Staying in Step with the Spirit: Whether it’s a few hours or a day, when we intentionally shift life into a slower gear via new surroundings we are breathing life into both our senses and our souls, enabling us to hear the Spirit’s whispers more clearly. 

Heavenly Father, thank You for those times when we can exhale busyness, noise, soul clutter and all other things clamoring for our attention. Help us to catch every quiet moment, hour, or day for Your glory. 

“Not all those who wander are lost.” 

 J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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{ Sunday } 

Sharing Life Together…One Sip At A Time


Welcome, friend.

I hope
you’ll pull up a chair and make yourself comfy while I’ll pour us a
cuppa tea. Imaginary tea, after all, is always special.
How was your weekend? 
We headed to the NC mountains, my favorite place to be. The cottage where we stay transforms to an oasis. The clock goes on strike, the cookies have no calories, the air goes easy on these asthmatic lungs, and I feel a little closer to God. Yes, He is with me at all times but perhaps it’s the lack of distractions that gives me a greater sense of His presence.  
Is there a place — in your garden, certain room in your home, or vacation spot where you sense God’s presence in a different way?
Abba God,
We praise You as our ever present Father!
Your omnipresence ushers in the knowledge
that You are always present through Your Holy Spirit within us. Always.
Regardless if we “feel” You or not, 
You are here, 
for we do not live by feelings, but faith.
 Father, will you steep Your Word deeply into our soul?
“If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus is living in
you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal
bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you” Romans 8:11
Is there one particular word from the above scripture you feel 

led to “sip” on, to meditate on, throughout this week?


This week, I’m focusing on the word “lives.” What are both the benefits and implications of His Spirit living in me? 
we bring our time to a close, consider one tangible way to “pour”
out His truth in response to the word(s) we’ve chosen above. 

Thanks for stopping by today at Sharing Life Together…One Sip At A Time. Would you consider joining in the conversation by leaving your “word,” or a place where you feel closest to God, in the comment box? Blessings!
does not delight in the strength of the horse; He does not take
pleasure in the legs of a man. The LORD favors those who fear Him, Those
who wait for His lovingkindness. – See more at:


In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land. Psalm 95:4-5


When Friends Meet on a Mountain

Blessings, indeed.

This weekend, I joined a couple friends in the mountains of NC for our annual writing getaway. We stay in the same cabin each year so when we all arrive, it feels like home in a very real sense. Real because our friendships plunge far below the surface of plots and proposals.

On Friday nights, we have our “round table discussion” in the cozy den while gas logs simmer nearby. It’s a time when we share what’s really going on in our lives and how we can pray for each other. It also sets the tone for unforgettable weekends.

This year, we met a month earlier than normal. The leaves were green, refusing to lose their grip, so while we didn’t enjoy a kaleidoscopic carpeting as usual—it didn’t matter. Like the weather, our lives transition into different seasons along the way. Yet, no matter if times are bare or flourishing, true friends remain and sustain like none other. 

Friends love through all kinds of weather…Proverbs 17:17 (The Message)

On Sunday morning, my friends headed back down the narrow steep driveway. Before locking up one final time I stepped into the house-length screened porch, inhaled deeply, and whispered “thank You” to the One who allowed our paths to not only cross but meld together for an eternity. 

As you and I begin our week, let’s encourage one another to do the necessary “work” required to be a good friend to someone God has brought into our lives. Who knows? You might find yourself making reservations for a mountain cabin atop a high hill, lovingly known as Buck Mountain. 

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