A Pete Townshend Fave and May Giveaway!

by Cathy Baker

Today’s Artist Date may seem a bit odd for some but let’s encourage one another to skirt about our sense of ease and dare to explore what lies just beyond the next corner.

Save the Date(s):
It’s your choice! Choose one or both dates. Who knows? You may find yourself giggling like a nine-year old or being as contemplative as an eighty-year-old. These age-defined insights are eager to emerge so grab your purse/wallet and let’s head to the nearest cafe or coffee shop.

Pete Townshend

You’re Invited:
“Write a letter from your nine-year-old self to you. Expect resistance to this date. Overcome your resistance by bribing yourself. Take yourself out to a fancy cafe. Order the most decadent dessert on the menu. Take one scrumptious bite, and then take out your notebook and start writing. Tell yourself you can finish your treat when you have finished writing your letter. Pete Townshend of The Who named this date among his favorite Artist’s Way tools. You might find that, too.” -Julia Cameron, “The Miracle of the Artist’s Date.” 



“Write a letter from you at eighty. Take yourself to your favorite coffee shop. Order a chocolate shake. Take pen to page and write yourself a loving letter full of praise and encouragement. Tell yourself you’re doing well. Applaud your accomplishments. Your eighty-year-old self is proud of you. Drink up your shake.” -Julia Cameron, “The Miracle of the Artist’s Date.”

Which did you choose? I’d love to know! I plan to do both exercises but will begin with the latter exercise as I believe our older selves have much wisdom to share.

This month’s drawing goes hand-in-hand with our Save the Date theme. Simply leave a comment sharing which date resonated most with you and your name will be included in a random drawing on Monday, June 1st, for your favorite cup o’ brew from Starbucks.

Thanks for stopping by today! 


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