My Father’s Faithfulness

God's faithfulness

Brian and I got to hang out at Brandon and Megan’s house last night. Love it. Always do. What made it even more special was spending time with Megan’s mom, Desi, who was in town for the night. Any time I’m around Desi or Megan I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness.

I made a ton of mistakes as a parent, especially before coming to know Christ. As I began to grow in my faith, I would say one of my greatest joys was praying for my boys. I prayed they would come to know and love Christ at an early age. Another entry found often in my prayer journal was that the vicious cycle of divorce would end with me. I prayed God would bring godly women from godly homes into their lives. Women who didn’t just say they loved Christ but lived it out with all their heart, soul and mind.

Fast forward 17 years. Brandon and Megan married last July 14. At their rehearsal dinner, during the video presentation, there were two letters shown on the screen. One was from Desi, Megan’s mom, to Brandon. The other, a letter from me to Megan. The content? Specific ways each of us had been praying for them throughout their life…without ever knowing it was them. But God did! I had the privilege of seeing God’s faithfulness walk down the aisle in a beautiful white wedding gown the following evening, pledging her love to Christ and to my son. But the blessing continues. Megan’s mom, Desi, is Jim Frady’s sister (see my posting from yesterday, Teaching, part one.) Megan and her family lived in NC and didn’t even realize that Brandon was from Simpsonville when their paths crossed at a camp in GA. Coincidence? Nope. God’s faithfulness? Absolutely.

Our youngest son, Zach, has been dating the same wonderful girl, Sarah, since he was 16. She also comes from a godly home and lives Christ out loud. Coincidence? Nope. God’s faithfulness? Absolutely.

So, why do I share this tonight? It certainly has nothing to do with me but it does have everything to do with the faithfulness of my Father. I only asked because He told me I could — and should (You do not have because you do not ask, James 4:2)

Could there be certain blessings that are only released into our children through the diligent prayer of a parent or grandparent?

Let’s never give up praying for our children and their future. Who knows? One night, years from now, you may be invited over to dinner by your personal answer to prayer too. And if she/he cooks as well as Megan, well, consider yourself doubly blessed. I thank God for you Megan & Sarah! Great is his faithfulness.

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