Choosing the Heart Over the Heart-Shaped Box

Lucky for Brian, I’m not into vase-filled flowers but I don’t mind sharing that he does owe me a $40.00 Strawberries and Cream Hydrangea (hyperlinked just for you, hun!), purchased with birthday money a few years ago. Let’s just say his lawn mower gave it a big warm hug…twice. As the fellas on Duck Dynasty would say, “It gone!”

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I have to agree with those who say it’s commercialized (more than one florist is sweating this snowmeggedan!) but alas, it still offers a plethora of opportunities to not only show our love, but more importantly, God’s love, on this special day. 

For those of us experiencing historic snowfall this week our options may be limited but not everyone is snowed in, and most everyone wants to be remembered—especially on Valentine’s Day—so here are a few ideas that may brighten someone’s Friday:

  • Visit a nearby nursing home. Your face in a lonely place is a gift, period, but if you don’t want to arrive empty-handed, bring some Valentines Day cards. It’s especially fun and meaningful if you have children who could join you. Many residents are widows or widowers and need to be reminded they’re not forgotten. 
  • Remember those who’ve lost a mate, especially if it’s a more recent loss. Share Hebrews 13:5 — and sign the card from God or Jesus. It’s not credit we’re seeking, but comfort, and what greater comfort is there than to be reminded that He is ever present and will never leave or forsake them? 
  • Pray! God may want you to send a card, leave a box of candy, or simply give someone a hug that you would’ve never considered otherwise. We can know that when we ask Him to open our eyes to those around us, He will deliver.

And for those of us snowed in, there’s always social media…unless our power goes out. 🙂 

But let’s face it. A heart-shaped candy-filled box is simply a reminder to love. February 14th neither defines or confines our ability to love others extravagantly, selflessly, and unconditionally. Any time. Any where. Any day. 

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

How might the LORD want to use our hands and feet to draw others closer to Him this Valentine’s Day? 

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