This Date is Only a Prayer Away

by Cathy Baker

I’ve been a proponent of morning quiet times since becoming a Christ-follower years ago. Here’s why:

  • Jesus prayed in the morning (Mark 1:35)
  • Morning prayer is recorded in the Word (Psalm 5:3, Psalm 90:14, etc.)
  • It sets the tone for the day. 
  • I’m a morning person.

But what happens when we heap guilt emphasize the time of the day we meet with God more than the “date” itself?

Laura J. Boggess touches on this in the sixth chapter of Playdates with God…Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World, entitled Super Soaker: When Life Feels Dry:

“When did we decide that the morning quiet time was the gold standard? Yes, Jesus rose early in the morning to meet with God, but he prayed at night, too (Luke 6:12). And Paul tells us to pray without ceasing. Do we get so hung up on the way our quiet time should look that we don’t meet with God at all? I wonder what would happen if we stopped trying to look like everyone else—if we embraced our own unique personalities in our spiritual lives.

Some people love to pray as they walk their neighborhood, some as they climb mountains, some as they create paintings. Some might quilt—every stitch a prayer. 

Invite him in. He wants to be with you. Yes, you. You with the freckles and the spare tire. You with a quick temper who loves to sleep in. You, the one who learns in pictures and struggles to sit down and read. He wants to be with you. He knows the number of hairs on your head. (No matter what color they are.) And he probably counts the freckles for fun.” – Laura J. Boggess

Save the Date:
Morning, noon, or night…it matters not. What matters, as you know, is making the time to meet with the living God who loves us with such an extravagant kind of love.

You’re Invited:
Whether you’re stitching your prayers away, or walking them off, what’s one new way you might try spending time with God this week? No other date will rival this one. 

So, are you an early riser/pray-er or do you prefer another time of day? 

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11

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