Poetic Pauses: Mary Harwell Sayler

Waiting for God, Waiting for Light
Psalm 62:1-2

For God alone
in silence
my soul.
From God alone
in strength
my salvation.
My Rock!
My Fortress!
I shall not
be moved.
In God alone
my soul shall
not be shaken.

©1998, Mary Harwell Sayler
Poem originally published in UpSouth.

Wonders await in the stillness. Depending on the time of year, prepare a cup of hot peppermint tea or pour a glass of sweet tea—whatever your favorite beverage may be. Then find a quiet room, a comfortable chair, and sit still for twenty minutes. Your only movement should be nestling into the chair and occasionally sipping your beverage. 
Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment—aware of your hands, your feet, your spine, every aspect of your body’s position. In this place of pausing, talk to God. Tell Him what’s really on your heart and mind. Share with Him things you’ve been afraid to say aloud. Give yourself wholly and fully to God in prayer and experience the wonder.
-Margaret Feinburg, Wonderstruck

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