Staying in Step with the Spirit Via God’s Creation

Beauty Berry Bushes blooming in my backyard.

by Cathy Baker

{ Day 4 } 

Saturdays in October will offer a brief respite for our souls amid football games, apple picking, and festivals. 

Today, let’s consider the fact that God could’ve birthed us into a black and white existence without us ever knowing the difference. Instead, He chose to bless us by coloring His creation in both brilliant and muted hues. 

Staying in Step with the Spirit: Soaking in all that God has provided can’t help but stir our hearts towards praise and adoration. Will you join me today in moving our worship outside? Find and focus on one piece of God’s creative beauty. Notice the intricate details, the scent, and texture. Thank God for what you see and touch.

Father, our hearts bend towards You in gratefulness for the many ways You lavish us with Your love, grace, and mercy. Help us not to pass by Your creative works without a worship-filled pause. 

What did you choose to examine closer on your worship walk? 

I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host. Isaiah 45:12 ESV



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