My Friday Fave – BookQuest

Wafting aroma of well-worn books greeted me like an old friend when I recently stumbled into BookQuest, a local jewel but mere miles from my home. The only thing missing from my Christmas in July experience
was Bing Crosby playing in the background. 
I marveled at the multitude of shelves filled with used and rare books, many with seasoned autographs inscribed on their flyleaves.
Among my finds that day…a book by a local poet, Bernard Meredith, a late 1800’s poetry book by George Eliot, and a petite paper-bound book of beautifully illustrated poems that may just end up framed on my wall. 
BookQuest is located in downtown area of Fountain Inn, SC. If you live nearby, I encourage you to stop by and support this local find — but if you live a little too far away to enjoy this bookstore, be sure to explore a nearby town in search of your own jewel. 


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