Here’s my New Writing Nook! Where is Yours?

Would you like to see my new writing nook?


My Previous Writing Spot

Perhaps you remember my last one. It was located on the second floor of our hundred-year-old home and although I loved it I do not miss the constant traffic whizzing by. When we decided to move to the country I realized I may be sacrificing my writing spot but I knew writing, and the joy I receive from it wasn’t dependent on a particular place. Still, I hoped for another one.

With this move, we knew it would be more about the property than the house itself. And that’s exactly what happened. We landed on almost 4 acres with amazing mountain views, a barn, pool, and a bonfire setting. The house was custom built in 1996 with its share of quirks. One being the kitchen which I initially thought was a walk-in closet off the great room (Yes, it’s that bad but we’ll save that reno for another day!). The Florida Room was a nice addition except that it felt heavy, the exact opposite feel I was desiring, especially for a room mirrored with windows on all walls but one. Turns out, this one wall was the deciding factor for the placement of my great-grandparents desk and ultimately my new writing nook. So now for the fun part!

blogbrown1img_3568{I wish I’d taken a better picture of the brown walls. It was quite cave-like.}

blogbrown2img_3569{The first coat of primer! Two coats of my favorite white paint, Dover White by Sherwin Williams, would soon follow.}

blogbrianwhiteimg_3604{My round-the-clock handyman hubby hard at work – thank you, Brian!}

blogemptyshelvesimg_3608{Empty bookshelves? Never! The white “box” is the back part of our gas log/fireplace. I wanted an industrial feel so I went with bare wood planks and piping for the brackets.}

bloglibraryimg_3646{Now it’s beginning to look like a writing nook! I initially wanted to use industrial piping for the brackets but when we realized that those alone would cost over 300.00 we quickly switched to beefy but affordable steel brackets that we painted matte black, saving $200.00. Score!}

blognook2img_3726{There we go! I have my [post-decluttered] books on hand, my writing mags nearby [white Ikea magazine holders], my family’s fold-down desk, and then there’s the view peeking out from the side window. Love it!}

blogwhite3img_3588{And I do so love my nearby sitting area! Soon after this pic, we painted the french doors black, as seen in the above photo.}

I hope you enjoyed the mini-tour. I plan to share more reno house pictures in the near future but for now, I’d love to know your favorite place to write. And if you’d like to include a photo, even better!

Thank you for stopping by today. What a blessing. 🙂

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